My Visual Studio 2012 environment font is now italicized / I can not change the font of my application


I just noticed that not only is my application font now completely italicized, but also much of my VS2012 is too. I went to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors, and hit "Use Defaults" with no success.

I've set my entire application's MainWindow to use Sego UI with "Normal" FontStyle, but everything is in italics. This is annoying and weird.

Anyone else have this issue and found a solution?


Thanks to @HansPassant for the advice regarding the font cache.

What I did was:

  1. Stopped WPF Font Cache services
  2. Deleted all the font cache "log" files from the locations listed in the Service list
  3. Rebooted.

I am not sure exactly what caused this as I try to install some new fonts but realized IT hadn't given me permission to the folder, but I believe this strange issue arose from the last Windows update.

As it turns out, stopping the WPF font cache services can also mitigate the "glitchiness" of Visual Studio that some people experience. Hope this helps others :)